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Custom LT1/LT4 Camshaft for Supercharged applications.  Includes optional 38% increased fuel pump lobe.


This cam has made over 900 RWHP in the famed "Blue Dragon" C7 LT1 using a F1A supercharger on 15 lbs of boost, Land speed CNC heads and Stock injectors.  It has also made approximately 1100 RWHP in a C7 Z06 using a F1R supercharger.


With one tiny degree of overlap this cam is mild enough to be used in daily driver applications.  It can also be used in positive displacement supercharged applications like the LT4.  This cam is also mild enough to be considered a "Stage I" style cam in a naturally aspirated application.


Cam specs are 22X/24X .63X/.62X 116+6 using stock 1.8 ratio rocker arms.  This cam is easy on parts.


SKU: 217537123517253
Out of Stock
  • Length 24.25
    Height 2.625
    Width 2.625
    BTR SKU 2242540166
    Weight 10.4000
    Part Type Supercharged Cam
    Brand Brian Tooley Racing
    Engine Type Gen V
    Cam Style Hydraulic Roller
  • UPS Ground Shipping

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