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The new 3.0 CR-Fueler is loaded with many new features and is much easier to install.

The heart of our new 3.0 controller kits is the plug and play interface module. This module allows you to unplug the harness at the stock ECM, plug that into the 3.0 module, and then plug the module into the stock ECM. With this module, we are able to get all of the major signals needed without the need of a large harness that snakes all over the engine bay. We also get these signals directly, not over CAN like some others. We tested that method years ago and found it was not reliable enough for the critical signals for a secondary ECU.

The new 3.0 interface now features user selectable upgrades included on board. 

Those options include:

Spark control

Traction control via wheel speed sensor data

Spark/fuel torque management for 6L90-8L90 and 10L90e transmissions

Throttle control (Dominator ECU only)

You can mix and match what options you want to utilize and are no cost upgrades included in all kits!


The plug-and-play CR-Fueler is a port injection controller that adds a secondary set of 8 (or more) port injectors to increase the overall fueling capacity. This allows for higher ethanol mixtures, more boost, and safer, more reliable horsepower. It can be configured with many options, with coverage of ALL GM V8 direct injection equipped vehicles from 2014-2023. Including L83, L84, L86, L87, LT1, LT2, LT4 and LT5 engines.


As an added benefit to the port injection, the fuel being sprayed onto the intake port walls and valves, will clean the harmful deposits that will build up in Direct Injection only engines intake tract.

All of this at a much better value then larger Direct Injection High Pressure Fuel Pumps or injectors, with no idle or low speed driveablity issues that can be associated with those parts.


CR-Fueler 3.0 Dominator Kit INCLUDES:

  • Dominator ECU from Holley Performance Products -- With this system, you gain the features of closed loop fueling with dual wide-band oxygen sensors. Also utilizes temperature correction, ethanol content correction, available on board boost control, nitrous or methanol injection control.
  • 50 inputs and 36 outputs for nearly any type of additional logging channels or functions
  • Pre-programmed ECU
  • 100% plug and play main interface module and harness kit
  • Injector harness with your choice of injector connectors
  • (1) manifold air temp sensor
  • (1) 5-bar map sensor
  • (2) NTK wideband sensors
  • Installation guide
  • Full product/tuning support


Available upgrades INCLUDE:

  • Optional 3.5" touchscreen for datalogging, monitoring or tune changes
  • Optional Boost control 
  • Optional Holley Methanol injection control
  • Optional Nitrous control


All CR-Fueler Kits INCLUDE:

  • Main plug-and-play interface module -- intercepts the required signals from the vehicles existing sensors for a clean (100% NO cutting or splicing) connection; simply plug-and-play
  • Built in fuse and relay block
  • Custom harness kit
  • Custom tailored port injector harness with either EV1 or EV6 fuel injector connectors.
  • Required sensors needed for install
  • Full flex fuel capabilities 
  • Secondary fuel pump triggering (no Hobbs switches needed)
  • 5 bar map sensor included

*ALL CR-Fueler kits are in-house manufactured with the highest quality wire harnesses, are made in the USA, and produced using all genuine OEM connectors, terminals, and seals. Only factory crimping and wire processing tooling is used to ensure the ultimate in durability and performance.


CUSTOM CR-Fueler Configuration Kit are available upon request.


SKU: 21554345600-01
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