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Outlaw Edition CR-Fueler Complete Engine Management system for GM Gen V vehicles. This system is for vehicles that block off and remove the direct inection components and will be runnig traditional type port injection. This will gain throttle control, spark control, fuel control plus any other options all on the Holley Dominator ECU. Stock gauges and vehicle functions will still work as usual, but with the precise and safe engine management from the Holley ECU. The ultimate in control for huge power and consistant delivery of that power to the ground.

These packages can be combined with wheel speed interface kit for traction control, dual solenoid dome pressure boost control, Holley touchscreens, Nitrous control, 4L80E transmission contorl or any other type of usual input and output you wish to add to the Holley ECU. 

These packages will only work on non-electronic type transmissions. Powerglide, TH400 swaps or manaual transmissions. This is NOT compatible with 6L90E,8L90E or 10L90E transmissions!

You will need to supply a LSX type DBW throttle body, and the direct injector/HPFP block off plugs that are readilly available. 


CR-Fueler Outlaw Dominator Kit INCLUDES:

  • Dominator ECU from Holley Performance Products -- With this system, you gain the features of closed loop fueling with dual wide-band oxygen sensors. Also utilizes temperature correction, ethanol content correction, available on board boost control, nitrous or methanol injection control.
  • 50 inputs and 36 outputs for nearly any type of additional logging channels or functions
  • Pre-programmed ECU
  • 100% plug and play main harness
  • Injector harness with your choice of injector connectors
  • (1) manifold air temp sensor
  • (1) 100 psi fuel pressure sensor
  • (1) coolant temp sensor
  • (1) 5-bar map sensor
  • (2) NTK wideband sensors
  • Spark control kit for factory LTX coils
  • DBW throttle control for stock pedal and LSX throttle body
  • Installation guide
  • Full product/tuning support


Available upgrades INCLUDE:

  • Optional 3.5" touchscreen for datalogging, monitoring or tune changes
  • Optional Traction control using the stock ABS wheel speed sensor inputs -- does not affect factory ABS
  • Optional Boost control 
  • Optional Holley Methanol injection control
  • Optional Nitrous control


All CR-Fueler Kits INCLUDE:

  • Main plug-and-play harness -- intercepts the required signals from the vehicles existing sensors for a clean (100% NO cutting or splicing) connection; simply plug-and-play
  • Built in fuse and relay block
  • Custom tailored port injector harness with either EV1, EV6 or Denso fuel injector connectors.
  • Full flex fuel capabilities 
  • Secondary fuel pump triggering (no Hobbs switches needed)
  • 5 bar map sensor included


*ALL CR-Fueler kits are in-house manufactured with the highest quality wire harnesses, are made in the USA, and produced using all genuine OEM connectors, terminals, and seals. Only factory crimping and wire processing tooling is used to ensure the ultimate in durability and performance.


CUSTOM CR-Fueler Configuration Kit are available upon request.

CR-Fueler Outlaw Edition Complete Engine Management System Gen V GM

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