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  • 157340 is a Stage III Pro-Tuner supercharger head unit for Corvette equipped with the direct injected, Gen 5 LT4 V8 engine.
  • This new and larger supercharger system provides ample room to grow if a customer has a built bottom end and upgraded fuel system components. 1000+ RWHP capable!
  • Modification to the factory Z06 inner hood will be required.
  • Head unit only. Pro-tuner system will require custom tuning.



  • 2650 cc/rev Twin Vortices (TVS) Rotor Group
  • Front drive, front inlet compatible with factory and 103mm throttle bodies
  • Massive Dual Pass-3-Core Intercooler
  • Casting provisions for supplemental port fuel injection systems (not machined)
  • Integrated bypass valve for little to no decrease in fuel economy
  • Self-contained oil system with 100,000-mile service interval
  • Black Powder coat finish
  • Pulley Size Compatibility: 2.750” and smaller
  • Add our port injection modification service to reach the full potential if this supercharger and combine it with our legendary fuel system packages for a complete, safe massive power upgrade!

Edelbrock 2650 LT4 C7 ZO6 supercharger

SKU: 0000157340
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