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MAP or static referenced direct injection supply fuel system up to 1500 rwhp with twin fuel pumps (recommended to run one pump full time, then activate secondary pump under load). Supplies High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) and auxillary port injection or wet nitrous. Includes in-tank supply system that retains OE transfer, fuel level senders, and EVAP functionality, upgraded feed and return lines, high capacity filtration and check valve, flow through t-block direct mounted on HPFP inlet tube, high capacity F2i regulator with provisions for static reference. 

Comes with twin F90000274 fuel pumps, -8 feed hose, -8 return, flex fuel sensor intercept fittings,  stainless filter and FC3 fuel pump controller. Complete E85 compatible low pressure fuel system for big power.

Gen 3 CTS-V Twin Fuel System

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